About Next Door Support

Next Door Support is a project inspired by my family, friends, and neighbors. I have been their "IT guy" for years, and log into their computers when they have a problem to fix. This led me to the realization that by the time most users notice a problem, the computer usually contains far more issues than the perceived symptom. In other words, by the time people smell the smoke, the fire is already raging. My goal is to pro-actively monitor and maintain computer systems with bi-weekly checkups and updates so that no problems develop in the first place. In addition to my work, I will also happily provide whatever level of education my customers request. I can do all of this by logging into computers, with express permission, from my computer lab at home and will rarely (if ever) require a physical visit to the customers' premises. This reduces my overhead costs and the savings are yours to benefit from. I am available for one-time calls, bi-weekly and monthly checkup plans as well. Check my Services page for more information.


About Travis

I was born and raised in Arizona. I grew up with computers in my home and my schools and have enjoyed learning about them since I was a young teenager. I learned to program and network at an early age and my knowledge grows every day between work, school, and my personal studies. I currently work for a nation-wide ISP, which I enjoy, and I'm very excited to begin my own venture and build something of my own from the ground up. Next Door Support is my labor of love.