One-Time Appointments : $20 per 1/2 hour of remote support

Monthly Checkup Plan (no contract) : $15 per month

Bi-Weekly Checkup Plan (no contract) : $20 per month

Ubuntu Linux Installation : $50

House Calls (per hour) : $50

Checkup Plans

I will log into the client's computer once a month (Monthly Checkup Plan) or twice a month (Bi-Weekly Checkup Plan) and run through a comprehensive checklist of maintenance procedures and will provide education during the appointment.

Common maintenance procedures include:  1.) check for and install system updates, 2.) update anti-malware software and run full system scans, 3.) check for and install updates to applications, plug-ins, and extensions, 4.) check memory and hard disk usage and start-up applications for performance increases, 5.) de-fragmenting the hard drive for performance increases, 6.) data backups, and 7.) educating the client on new security measures that will keep their digital lives safe.

Ubuntu Linux Installation

I will install and configure Ubuntu Linux "Linux for human beings" side by side with Windows on your hard drive. Linux is not vulnerable to the viruses that attack Windows, so by using Linux the computer is operating from start to finish in a safe and secure environment.

Supported Operating Systems

- Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

- Ubuntu Linux (and some other varieties of Linux)